About Mitchell Works

The goal of Mitchell Works is to address the common phrase “you have to leave Mitchell County to find a job”.

Young manual worker using grinder on metal in factory

Did you know, each year hundreds of jobs go unfilled in our area because we do not have the workers prepared to fill those jobs? 

What if you could graduate from Mitchell High School with a plan in place to work at a local industry or business? 

A group of students dressed as various professions
Woman in warehouse

What if you could use your time at Mitchell High School to lay out your education pathway to lead you to apply for those jobs?

What if the job that fits your talents and interests is right in your own hometown and you just never knew about it? 

Three students in a lab

Mitchell Works aims to provide you with all of the information needed to discover careers and pathways to find yourself in that perfect fit job one day.

Mitchell Works is a program aimed at educating our local students and their parents about the career opportunities available in Mitchell County and the training required to pursue a career in those fields.

Take your time and explore the Mitchell Works website… then click the links to find out how to get more info now!


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Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a community partner.